We design and build:


- Single-acting cylinders (plunger type)

- Double-acting cylinders

- Differential cylinders (with and without damping)

- Synchronous cylinders

- Tandem cylinders

- Spring cylinders

- Block cylinders

- Press cylinders

- Telescopic cylinders (single and double acting)

- Cylinders with sensors, position sensing systems and proximity switches

- Cylinders with built-on valves and complete control units

- Special cylinders for all kinds of applications

- Cylinders for use in low temperature conditions

- Cylinders for mining machines, LHD vehicles and salvage vehicles

- Pneumatic cylinders

- High pressure cylinder


Special purpose, single-unit and series cylinders built according to customer specifications – available in all designs, sizes and lengths.


- plus standard cylinders to DIN ISO 6020-1 and DIN ISO 6022/DIN 24333



Typical examples:

built using special materials and coatings from the HTec PRO series:

HTec PRO.V.1                     HTec PRO.P.1                     HTec PRO.K.1

HTec PRO.S.1                     HTec PRO.L.1                     HTec PRO.C.1


or in


double chrome

nickel chrome

As the hydraulic cylinders are produced in our own factory we can also provide an express service for particularly urgent orders.