We can repair and recondition the following items of equipment:

Hydraulic cylinders

Double-acting hydraulic cylinders
- Differential cylinders
- Synchronous hydraulic jacks
- Tandem cylinders
- Press cylinders

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders
- Plunger cylinders

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders

Hydraulic pumps

- Axial-piston pumps
- Radial-piston pumps
- Reciprocating-piston pumps
- Vane pumps
- Screw pumps
- Gear pumps

Hydraulic motors

- Axial-piston motors
- Radial-piston motors
- Gear motors

Hydraulic valves

Hydrostatic gearboxes

Hydrodynamic gearboxes

Fluid couplings

Torque converters

Pressure accumulators
- with TÜV certification if required


Built from new
- hydraulic cylinders of all types, sizes and lengths, with or without position sensors.

Production of

- hydraulic systems and assemblies

We are retailers for

- hydraulic components from every manufacturer on the market
- see also the menu option Product Review

We undertake assembly work, hose and pipe routing and commissioning at our clients’ premises.