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Why make radical changes to an already good product?

Our customers are increasingly calling for longer wear intervals so as to increase the cost effectiveness of their machines and equipment.

Hydraulic cylinders are frequently exposed to extremely high mechanical and abrasive stresses.

This applies particularly to equipment operating in the potash and salt industry, in the surface and underground mining sector, in stone quarries, in iron and steel works and at power stations.

The offshore sector and the foodstuffs industry also impose similar demands on operating equipment of this type.

As manufacturers and maintenance engineers we have made it our mission to develop advanced hydraulic cylinders for applications of this kind.

In collaboration with leading developers in the field of materials technology we have succeeded in achieving something of a breakthrough in this area.

HTec hydraulic cylinders are manufactured using a combination of new materials and also have a special surface coating.

The new HTec materials have been extensively examined and tested by RWTH (the Rhine-Westphalia Technical University) and found to exhibit a Vickers hardness of over 1700 (HV).

All the coatings are extremely resistant to corrosion and are not prone to flaking or peeling.

Other advantages include the materials’ outstanding slip and emergency running characteristics, all of which effectively spells the end of pitting, sticking and seizing problems.

As well as being used in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders the HTec surface coating materials can also be employed on many other components that are subject to increased levels of stress, such as bushings, pins and rollers.


No matter what the application, there will always be the right material combination to be found among the HTec range of products.


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